100-word Wednesday: My Silver Linings Playbook

Dad went gray before he was 30. He may have been 28 when his hair became more salt than pepper.

I used to tease him. Old man, I called him. I always asked if it was snowing, then pointed to his white crown.

He never got mad. He told me that there was gray in my future, because I have his hair. Whatever, I said.

I don’t say that anymore. Not 14 years after his death. Not when I look in the mirror and see these silver strands and his smile smiling back at me. Now I’m the old (wo)man.

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100-word Wednesday: Shy

I’m outgoing.

I’m loud.

The life of the party.

I’m a people person. When I need to be.

When I don’t;  I’m quiet. Introverted. Withdrawn. Deep.  I prefer small groups to big crowds. I’d rather read than go to a bar. New people scare me. So do meetings.

Octavia Butler once said, “shyness is shit.” I’ve conquered that condition. Each day, I wear my armor and go to war with the extroverts and Type A freaks. That’s the only way to survive in my profession. Thankfully, on the weekends I can vacation in my anti-social world with a select few.

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Lit Sistahood – Ruth Copeland & Johnny Wheelwright


“A Prayer for Owen Meany” is one of three books I’m reading at this time. The John Irving novel is about a friendship that develops between two boys who meet in the 1950s. The narrator is Johnny Wheelwright and he talks about what an amazing person his best friend, Owen – who also has dwarfism – turns out to be. (Apparently, this book became the movie, “Simon Birch.”)

Prior to reading this novel, I completed “The Third Life of Grange Copeland” by Alice Walker. Quite different from Owen Meany, this was about the trials and tribulations of Grange Copeland, who worked as a sharecropper in the segregated south. Frustrated with his life circumstances, he abandons his wife and son. When he returns, his wife is dead and his son has become an abusive husband and father to his three daughters. After a tragedy, Grange’s son is sent to jail and Ruth – Grange’s granddaughter – is sent to live with Grange.

Both novels are about relationships, one that forms through gender and another that is formed through guilt. It is unclear how Johnny and Owen became best friends, but it is a bond that deepens when Owen accidentally hits a baseball that kills Johnny’s mother. Grange and Ruth are strangers, but Grange’s guilt draws him closer to his son’s family. And when his son commits a murder, a bond is formed between Grange and Ruth.

There’s no Sistahood in either book, but it’s nice to see the healthy brotherhood that grows between Johnny and Owen.  (Of course, I haven’t finished the book yet, so who knows what will happen in the end) In the Grange Copeland book, Ruth has no female friends or role models, only her grandfather. While that seems to stunt her social development as a young woman, it still gives her the strength she needs to face ongoing obstacles.

The Alice Walker novel ends on a semi-tragic note; I suspect a similar ending for Owen Meany. Still, both books show the ongoing importance of relationships – no matter what kind.

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100-Word Wednesday: Hot Sex

Today’s steamy session left me satisfied, as usual.

It’s a Wednesday night thing. All day, I prepare myself for the sweating, panting and exhilaration. Then I get home, slip into something comfortable and assume the position.

When it’s time, we glide to Michael Jackson, Pitbull and Christina Aguilera. My moves aren’t as rusty as they once were.  Now  I can bend, turn and dip. There’s cheers when I do.

It lasts only an hour, but that’s perfect. I’m ready to shower and take over the world.

But first, I approach my Zumba instructor and say, “Was it good for you?”

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100-Word Wednesday: Holiday

There’s something about an approaching holiday that makes me loose my regular routine.

The cupboard is bare. I refuse to go to the grocery store when I know that I’ll be going to a dinner that consists of loads of turkey and stuffing.

I stop going to the gym. Who can wake up a 5 a.m. when a three-day work week awaits?

Dirty laundry is sorted and spread on the floor, waiting to be washed.

Dirty dishes are in the sink – my biggest pet peeve – piling high to the sky.

I’ll get back to normal on Friday.  I hope so.

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100-Word Wednesday: Colors

fire tree


My Fire Tree gets me to work each day. I curse it in the spring and summer because the warm weather makes it a haven for smokers. In the winter, it catches my brief interest when it’s covered with snow, but that doesn’t last.

Yet in the fall, my Fire Tree is in full bloom. Over the past few weeks,  it has transformed from a bland bit of nothing into a glowing tower of reddish-orange leaves. It is the first thing that greets me as I enter the building; the last thing I see before I leave.

Fall is forever.

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Rebirth (100 words)

So, Life happened.

And when Life happens, it takes you away from things like The Blog. But when you get back at it, there are Delays. Like: What’s my password? What will I write about now? Will anybody read this?

Then you bypass Delays and try to find Discipline. Maybe I need a schedule. One post a week? Two, three? Will I ever find another Sista Spotlight?

Finally, you settle on Rebirth. The Blog is back. Words will be written. Posts will be posted. I’m just not sure how often.

But please, be patient. This is a work in progress.

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