Sister Sista Spotlight: From Breakfast in Bed to Sushi Ya

Breena (left) and Bada celebrate Bada's 35th birthday earlier this month.

Breena (left) and Bada celebrate Bada's 35th birthday earlier this month.

(The Spotlight is an occasional Sunday feature profiling Sisters, Sistas and everything in between)

When I decided to write this blog, the first candidates that came to mine were the two Sisters pictured above. I met Bada in college and Breena some years later, and I’m always impressed by what a close relationship they have. So I decided to ask them more about it.

Spotlight on: Bada, 35, and Breena 31. Sisters for 31 years, and Sistas for 13s

Location: Baltimore suburbs

First impressions?

Bada: “When (Breena) was born and I was in my kindergarten class, I was so excited that my baby sister was born that I let the entire class know about it. I got the entire class so excited that the teacher couldn’t finish up lessons and the class was a bit out of control.”

Breena: “The earliest memory I have with Bada is when our parents would bring us ‘breakfast in bed’ every Saturday morning, so we could watch our favorite cartoons. Bada and I would laugh and have so much fun together. It was great.”

Becoming Sistas?

Bada: “(Breena and I) just started talking more everyday after I moved out of the house and got my own place. … We would also always share secrets that I never thought I would share with her. I always felt like as the ‘big sister’, I never wanted to look weak or unsure of decisions, but Breena always gave me encouraging words and helped me out with decisions that I never thought I could make.”

Breena:  “When we both finished up college (we) started hanging out more. This included going out dancing, going to the movies and going out to dinner. Especially, at our favorite sushi restaurant ‘Sushi Ya’. We really bonded and felt like we were on the same level in our lives.”

Staying Sistas?

They often go to plays, movies and salsa lessons/clubs together.

Bada:  “We have such great discussions about movies, plot and acting that it’s like we’re reading each other’s minds. The best thing to do to keep this relationship strong is to communicate. I know when Breena is annoyed, and she knows when I’m annoyed. We discuss the situation and either give each other space or talk about why we’re feeling the way we’re feeling.”

Breena: “(We) talk everyday about what’s going on at our jobs and what’s going on in life. We also like to try new things, including new dance clubs and new clothing stores.”

Advice to Sisters who aspire to be Sistas?

Breena: “Always be there for each other in good times and in bad times. In addition, I would also add to always try to find new things to do together that interest you both.”

Bada: “Communicate. Without communication, you’re not going to be anything more than siblings. Also, listen to your sister. You may not agree with everything that she does, but I’m sure she’ll appreciate that you’re there for her no matter what. That is the biggest blessing I have with Breena and honestly that is why she is my best friend.”


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