When I think about songs for friendship, the first one that stands out in my mind is the Golden Girls theme song. I’ve probably seen every episode of the show, and these days it’s hard for me to watch reruns. One reason is because most of them are dead and it makes me sad. The other reason is the repeats usually cut the theme song shorter. I am not happy unless I can grab my hairbrush, and shriek along to the “And if you threw a party/And invited everyone you knew…” part.

Most of my favorite songs are devoted to romantic relationships, anger management and/or some sort of dysfunctional situation. But I was thinking the other day about songs devoted to Sista(er)hood and which would be my favorites. Here’s my list.

-Golden Girls theme song – This is my #1, for the reasons mentioned above.

-“Miss Celie’s Blues” – I’m a Color Purple fanatic, and the lyrics of this song are the inspiration for this blog. Yes, Celie and Shug become more than friends, but the song marks the first time that Shug acknowledges that she recognizes Celie as a person and appreciates all she has done for her.

“Count On Me” – Whitney Houston & CeCe Winans’ duet on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack. I didn’t appreciate the song at the time because I had songs like “Shoop”, “Why Does It Hurt So Bad,” “Not Gonna Cry”, etc on the brain

”We Are Family” – I would love to walk down a crowded street with my friends and do a flash mob performance of this song. Good idea? Meh, maybe not.

”Don’t You Call Her No Tramp” – Simply because I love Betty Davis.

Not necessarily Sista(er)hood but other Friendship songs:

”Friends” – Whodini raps about everything from man-stealing girlfriends to the pitfalls of becoming lovers before friends. He also talks about experiences with homeboys through the summer, winter, spring and fall, and then there’s some we wish we never knew at all.”

”What About Your Friends” – TLC didn’t change just because they got money, or even when they lost it and gained it back again

”That’s What Friends Are For” – For good times, and bad times/I’ll be on your side forever more…..

Dysfunctional “Friendship” songs:

”Booty” – Erykah Badu’s BFF has a bigger booty, wetter kisses, phD and magna cum laude. Despite all that, the BFF’s man wants Erykah. But Erykah “don’t want him, cause of what he doin to you.”

”2 Too Many” – Sure, the sister of Jaguar Wright’s BFF learned she was sleeping with the BBF’s man. But Jaguar Wright loves her BBF so much, that she tells the sister to mind her business, because she’s sleeping with him too. “If your sista finds out, about me she’ll feel violated and/If she finds out about you, damn damn damn/She’ll be hurt cause you’re family’

”Your Man, My Man” – Another entry from Funk Goddess Betty Davis. A tale about man sharing.


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