Chick Flicks

I’m a movie buff. I love to sit in a movie theater, with a cold Sprite by my side and huge tub of butter-saturated popcorn in my lap. But budget cuts have led me to transform this habit into watching DVDs with microwave popcorn, or sneaking into movie theaters with a purse filled with snacks. (Kids, don’t try this at home)

The other day my mind wandered to my favorite chick flicks. Not the “you complete me”/kiss kiss/lovey dovie type of chick flick. But gal pal movies, the ones that are, like this blog, about Sista(er)hood. So I’ll list my favorites here:

Beaches -Oh, the tragic story of CC Bloom and Hillary. Break out your tissues now. I’ve seen this movie at least 100 times and cried at each and every viewing. But did you know it was also a novel by Iris Rainer Dart, and Hillary’s name should have been Bertie Barron? There is also the sequel, I’ll Be There, where CC deals with the ups and downs of raising a teenage girl.

Thelma & Louise – Real friends don’t let their Sistas get assaulted in the parking lot. Not without taking revenge, at least. ALOT of revenge. The movie had been on mind since reading this post from Green Mountain Mamas. Not for the weak.

Waiting to Exhale – This movie started my devotion to any, and everything that has to do with Angela Bassett. It’s not the greatest movie in the world, and some say it’s nothing but man bashing. I say it’s more about a circle of girlfriends putting trying to get themselves together, over and over, and over, and over again. Author Terry McMillan’s sequel, Getting to Happy, came out a while back. There were talks about a movie sequel as well, but I’m not sure where that stands in light of Whitney Houston’s death.

Bridesmaids – This movie was both hilarious and offensive. But it tells a great story about how friendships evolve over the years. The girl who befriended you at five years old knows a different person than the woman who befriended you as an adult. That can cause some tough times, especially when it comes time to picking the bridal party. I do believe this movie’s #1 message was, AVOID BRAZILIAN FOOD BEFORE A DRESS FITTING. You’ve been warned.

Joy Luck Club – This is more of a family melodrama than a chick flick. But because it deals with intense sister/sister, mother/daughter bonds, I’m including it on my list. As I’ve said before, sometimes your Sista can also be your Sister, and your Sista can also be your Mother. (Friends are telling me that sometimes brothers make good Sistas, but more on that in a future post) The fact that none of these women are Sistas is what makes this flick intriguing. They all have strained relationships — from the mothers and the daughters to the childhood “friends” — but their families’ ongoing mahjong game forces them to be physically close, at least.

Those are the few films that come to mind at the moment. Please let me know if I’ve missed any.


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