30 Reasons Why A Woman Needs a Sista in her 30s

You’re never too old for a BFF. Here’s some reasons why women in their 30s need them:
  1. There’s only so many times your family can hear about how _____ pissed you off at work
  2. Spa Days at a moment’s notice
  3. Honest input on your appearance before leaving the house
  4. To second your side eye when a 28-year-old coworker calls himself old 
  5. Quality relationship advice
  6. tear jerker movies
  7. TV marathons of Bridezillas
  8. Self breast exam reminders
  9. Acceptance of your guilty pleasures
  10. As well as your never evers
  11. Providing a shoulder to cry on the first time you’re called ma’am
  12. Planning a welcome party for your first gray hair
  13. Unsolicited advice
  14. Solicited advice
  15. Phone dates
  16. Investment advice
  17. Child rearing advice
  18. Forming “I’m Turning Into My Mother” support groups
  19. Ogling at celebrity silver foxes
  20. While continuing to appreciate youth 
  21. House hunting horror stories
  22. Home ownership horror stories
  23. Exchanging O Magazine articles
  24. Reminding you about why you broke up with that ex in the first place
  25. Sleepovers, because you never really outgrow them
  26. “I hate my spouse/partner today because ____” rants
  27. Listening to all the gripes you couldn’t get off your chest because you were breaking up gracefully
  28. Helping you hide from the mistakes in your 20s
  29. Laughing at awkward childhood photos
  30. Knowing when to laugh at tragic hairstyle mistakes

About Shay

I'm a fan of good friends, good food and good writing.
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