The Phate Update

I had my phone date, and I’m so glad I did. There is nothing like spending nearly two hours catching up with someone who you haven’t chatted with in months. I’m grateful that I’m at a time in my life where my Sistas know they mean the world to me, whether I call them 9458947654 times a week or if I just contact them every once in a while, when we both have something to say.

The Sista I’m discussing is someone I met in college. We were suite mates, eventually roommates, and I admired her love for all things revolving around Puerto Rico, including Ricky Martin. A massive Puerto Rican flag hung over our window for some time, along with tiny Ricky Martin cutout pictures that she taped on her dresser. I could walk across campus and determine when she was home, based on the lit or unlit Puerto Rican flag on our third floor window.

These days, La Bianca is the hardest working person I know. Whenever I’m feeling overworked, I can just shoot her an email or call her and hear about all the work she’s doing with her teaching/writing/activism, and I’ll hang my head in shame. She’s great for movie and book recommendations, eyebrow arching, makeup tips, budget-friendly vacation getaways, pep talks and fashion advice. (And she gives THE BEST gifts –there have been times when opening a present from her has made me get teary.) She’s also part of my “I’ll Destroy Your Enemies, Just Give Me The Word” Contingent, which, thankfully, I’ve never had to unleash.

I could go on and on about why she’s one of my closest Sistas, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. This post is for you, Bi. Thank you for being a friend.


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I'm a fan of good friends, good food and good writing.
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