Sista Spotlight: All grown up, childhood friends embrace their similarities & differences

Aneesah (left) and Ebony

(The Spotlight is a monthly Sunday feature profiling SistersSistas and everything in between)

Spotlight on: Aneesah, 35, and Ebony. Sistas since middle school.

Location: Raleigh, NC

Aneesah and I have known each other all our lives (we’re related!). I’ve always admired her outgoing personality, and was curious to see how she manages to make it work with so many people — men, women, boys, girls, heck, even animals. In truth, I’ve never seen Aneesah get mad or dislike ANYBODY, and that goes back to the days we were playing in the sandbox. I told her about the blog, and she was eager to talk about her closest friend, Ebony, whom she met in sixth or seventh grade. I’ll let Aneesah take it from here:

“When I first met Ebony, I remember being instantly comfortable.  It wasnt until much later that I”d learn that she too was a newcomer to the school district and was not as acquainted with everyone as some of the other girls.  I think the key to any successful relationship is accepting each other’s differences (agreeing to disagree on some things).

“Ebony and I share the same values, the same love of family and the same loyalties about friendship.  We don’t see eye to eye on every issue and that is ok with us.  At this point in our friendship we embrace the fact that we are so alike, yet so different.  Ebony is by far the loyalest friend I have.  The term “ride or die” is Ebony ALL DAY.  She is always there whenever, for whatever, and is a great listener.  Because she knows me well she is skilled enough in letting me sort out alot of my own problems just be listening with very little need to offer too much advice and I love that.

“Overall, I am very satisfied with the relationships I have with the women in my life.  I think to myself very often whether having such a healthy relationship with my mother (and witnessing her healthy relationship with her mother) has everything to do with that. I believe that how you see yourself is often how you will see others.  I believe that positive energy draws positive energy.

“With that said, I have been blessed with the ability of accentuating positives in situations in my life and being a magnet with those who are positive and share a similar outlook on life and often, child rearing.  I must say that having children makes me much more conscious of the company I keep more than ever.  I feel that having a filter on the energies you allow in your circle is a key to that happiness.”

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6 Responses to Sista Spotlight: All grown up, childhood friends embrace their similarities & differences

  1. krissykiki says:

    I love my sisters and my sistas, they are all so important to me. Thanks for the great read. 🙂

  2. dilipnaidu says:

    Beautiful and inspiring post.Thanks.

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